Story By: Blazers Media

Photo Credits: Blazers Media

12th September 2023 – Cairo – Egypt

In the heart of Kenyan volleyball, a trailblazing libero player and club Captain, James Mutero, is emerging as a symbol of dedication and resilience in pursuit of excellence. Mutero, who dons the national colors and doubles up as the captain of the Trailblazers Volleyball Club, recently embarked on his maiden international journey with the Kenyan National Men’s Team, fondly known as “Wafalme.” The setting was the 2023 CAVB Africa Men’s Nations Cup in Cairo, Egypt, and Mutero’s reflections on this experience are nothing short of inspiring.

As the 2023 CAVB Africa Men’s Nations Cup brought together the finest volleyball talent from across the continent, James Mutero stepped onto the international stage with a mix of excitement and determination. The tournament proved to be an eye-opening experience for him, as he witnessed the game of volleyball played at the highest level in Africa.

“It was an eye-opening experience to witness volleyball played at the highest level,” Mutero begins. “It indeed is a game of few mistakes, and as a Country, we need to take the lessons learned in Cairo to put a lot of work behind the scenes for us to compete for a podium finish.”

Mutero’s observations shed light on the level of commitment required to excel on the international stage. He highlighted the particular strengths of their opponents in Cairo, emphasizing the Arab teams’ aggressive serving and exceptional ball-handling skills as the key differentiators.

“The Arabs are aggressive servers and extremely excellent ball handlers, and that’s where the difference is,” Mutero points out. “My two cents are that if we work on these two departments, we can push them hard.”

Such insights underline the importance of continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of perfection. For Mutero and his teammates, the 2023 CAVB Africa Men’s Nations Cup was not just a competition but a priceless learning opportunity.

“As Wafalme, the dream is indeed on, and we take this outing as a stepping stone for better things to come, Mutero remarks with a glint of hope in his eyes. He recognizes that growth often emerges from the crucible of competition and challenges.

However, the Kenyan team’s journey in Cairo didn’t culminate with the coveted podium finish they had hoped for. Mutero takes a moment to address their loyal fans who had high expectations.

“To our dear fans, we are truly sorry for not getting a podium position as planned,” he expresses with sincerity. “But we come back richer in lessons learned. I look forward to a better team next time, which will register better results.”

As James Mutero continues on the path towards the revolution of volleyball in Kenya, the lessons learned in Cairo will undoubtedly fuel their journey toward future glory. With dedicated athletes like Mutero around, the Kenyan National Men’s Team, Wafalme, is poised to make a mark on the international stage, and their passionate fans eagerly await the next chapter of their inspiring story.