Story By: Blazers Media

Photo Credits: Blazers Media

In the realm of Kenyan volleyball, the name Bernard Oselu resonates as a beacon of unparalleled skill and mastery. As the Assistant Coach of the Trailblazers Volleyball Club, his presence evokes a sense of awe, almost leading others to mistake him for a “new” team addition. 

Observing the team’s training sessions, one might mistake Oselu, with his finesse and mastery, as a newly recruited talent rather than a coach. His execution of signature setting skills remains perpetually sharp, marking him as one of Kenya’s premier setters.

With an illustrious career spanning stints at renowned clubs like Kenya Railways, General Motors, and Co-operative Bank, coupled with contributions to the national team, Oselu’s legacy is woven deep into the fabric of Kenyan volleyball history.

What sets Oselu apart is not just his exceptional playing career but his commitment to passing down his wealth of knowledge to the next generation. Reagan Oselu, a setter at TVC, epitomizes this, inheriting and perpetuating the Oselu legacy.

 Remember the name OSELU, for it embodies a legacy of excellence that transcends time.