Story By: Blazers Media

Photo Credits: Blazers Media

13th November 2023 – Nairobi, Kenya 

In just two short years, Trailblazers Volleyball Club has emerged as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the Kenyan volleyball scene, redefining the sport through modern training techniques and a commitment to changing perceptions. Under the visionary leadership of Founder Richard Joseph, the club has not only embraced modern training techniques but has also become one of the best-equipped and resourceful clubs in the country and beyond.

Founded on November 14, 2021, the journey began with extensive consultations and deliberations, culminating in the selection of the aptly named “Trailblazers,” reflecting the club’s commitment to “blazing” “trails” in various aspects of the game and club management.

In our debut season, the club defied expectations, securing a coveted spot in the playoffs and clinching a remarkable Bronze Medal. This achievement marked the beginning of a promising journey that has seen the club continuously redefine standards in both the indoor and beach volleyball scenes.

The year 2022 brought another groundbreaking moment for us as we inked a historic professional kitting deal with Mafro Sports, making us the first African volleyball team to secure such an agreement. The well-publicized kit launch at Absa Sports Club in Nairobi was a testament to the club’s commitment to excellence on and off the court.

Not content with just making waves in the sporting arena, we established “BLAZERS TV,” our media department that has been at the forefront of live-streaming KVF National League matches and Playoffs to a global audience. Starting with humble beginnings, the media team overcame challenges, gradually acquiring its own equipment in 2023, and promising more exciting developments on the horizon.

As we celebrate our second anniversary, we invite fans to reflect on the remarkable milestones achieved and the journey that lies ahead.

With a rallying call for continued support from fans and potential sponsors, Trailblazers, among other stakeholders, is poised to elevate volleyball to new heights in Kenya, proving that even in a short span, we have only just begun our “trailblazing” journey.

“Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Blazers”