Story by: Blazers Media 

12th February 2024 -m Nairobi, Kenya

Trailblazers Volleyball Club will miss the services of  Middle Blocker, Derrick Apat for the rest of the 2023/2024 Season. Apat, who has been grappling with persistent knee issues since 2021, underwent a crucial knee surgery at Ladnan Hospital in Parklands. Under the expertise of the renowned sports injury surgeons led by Dr. Jeff Mailu, the procedure was completed, marking a significant milestone in Apat’s journey toward full recovery.

Despite undergoing various therapies in the past, Apat’s condition showed no signs of improvement, prompting the decision to opt for surgery. The Club’s management and fellow players of the Trailblazers Volleyball Club stood firmly by Apat’s side throughout the deliberations, consultations, and tests, offering unwavering support and solidarity.

As Apat embarks on the path to rehabilitation, starting from Thursday, 15th February 2024, at Upperhill Physio & Lab LTD, the entire Trailblazers family eagerly anticipates his return to full fitness. Under the attentive care of Physiotherapist Antonette Akhabonje and her dedicated team, Apat will undergo meticulous rehabilitation sessions aimed at restoring his strength and mobility.

The spirit of unity within the Club remains unyielding as we rally behind Apat during this pivotal phase of his recovery journey. With determination and perseverance, Apat is poised to overcome this obstacle and emerge stronger than ever before, ready to once again grace the volleyball court with his exceptional talent.

Trailblazers Volleyball Club stands ready to welcome him back with open arms, embracing him as he rejoins the team, fully restored and prepared to continue making valuable contributions to their collective success.