Eugine Okello, the spirited Middle Blocker of Trailblazers Volleyball Club, faces setbacks with resilience and determination. Despite being excluded from the National Team squad for the second time, this time, alongside setter Gregory Kiplimo, Okello remains undeterred.

Prepared to resume training with Trailblazers Volleyball Club on January 15, 2024, Okello swiftly shifts his focus to the upcoming National League in Malaba, Busia County. Facing a challenging lineup, including AP Kenya, GSU, Prisons Kenya, and Prisons Nairobi, Okello embraces the opportunity to prove his mettle.

Affectionately known as “Obwonje,” Okello’s response to adversity is characterized by a commitment to push harder and await his chance with WAFALME, the Men’s National Team. His brief hiatus from the limelight only fuels his determination to conquer the court for both his Club and Country.

As he gears up for the intense National League action next month, we anticipate the resurgence of this trailblazing Middle Blocker, confident that his day with WAFALME is on the horizon.

Story By: Blazers Media

Photo Credits: Blazers Media