Story By: Blazers Media

Photo Credits: Blazers Media

Absa Sports Club – Nairobi Kenya – 15th December 2023.

Godfrey Owese Okumu, a name synonymous with the glory days of Kenyan volleyball, has transcended his stellar career as a player to become a beacon of guidance and expertise as the Technical Director at Trailblazers Volleyball Club since its inception. While his physical presence might be sporadic due to his commitments abroad, the magnitude of his influence on the team is immeasurable.

Having graced the courts for numerous top Kenyan clubs and the national team between 1990 and 2003, Okumu’s proficiency in the sport remains unparalleled. However, it’s his current endeavors that set him apart as an exceptional leader and mentor in the volleyball realm.

Armed with an FIVB Level III Coaching certificate (the only one in Kenya), Okumu stands tall as a testament to coaching excellence. His role as a professor at a university in the Philippines not only speaks to his academic prowess but also underscores his dedication to advancing volleyball education. Moreover, his affiliation with the Japanese Society of Volleyball Research showcases his commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and strategies in the sport.

Despite his busy schedule, Okumu will carve out precious time during his brief visit to conduct a coaching seminar, a testament to his unwavering commitment to nurturing talent. He made it a point to attend Trailblazers Volleyball Club’s training sessions at the Absa Sports Club.

Okumu’s impact on volleyball extends far beyond borders. His expertise, passion, and dedication serve as an inspiration not only to the Trailblazers Volleyball Club but also to volleyball enthusiasts in Kenya and globally.