Story By: Blazers Media
Photo Credits: Blazers Media

17th May 2024 – Nairobi, Kenya

In a thrilling encounter, Trailblazers Volleyball Club dominated Kenya Forest Service (KFS), securing a crucial victory in straight sets. With a final scoreline of 3-0 (25-18, 25-21, 25-18).

The “Blazers” got off to a flying start in the first set, showing remarkable composure and execution. Their strong serves and effective blocking put pressure on the KFS defense from the onset. With well-coordinated attacks and strategic placements, we managed to maintain a comfortable lead throughout the set. Despite KFS’s efforts to mount a comeback, we maintained our focus and clinched the set convincingly with a score of 25-18.

The second set saw a spirited fight from both sides as KFS aimed to bounce back from their first-set loss. However, we remained resilient,  through our adaptability and tactical awareness. KFS intensified their offensive plays, testing our defense, but we responded with effective counterattacks and solid blocking. Despite a tighter scoreline, we maintained our edge, capitalizing on KFS’s errors and securing the set with a score of 25-21.

With the momentum firmly on their side, we entered the third set determined to close out the match. The players’ confidence was evident as they continued to display excellent teamwork and communication on the court. KFS fought valiantly to stay in the game, but we remained relentless in their pursuit of victory. Utilizing a combination of powerful spikes and strategic serves, we maintained control of the set ultimately sealing the set and the match with a score of 25-18.