Story By: Blazers Media 

Photo Credits: Shiks Malenya

8th April 2023

The 2023 Paul Bitok International volleyball tournament has been nothing short of exciting, with teams from the top-tier leagues in the country coming together to showcase their talent and skills on the court. One of the most important quarterfinal matches of the tournament was the game between Trailblazers Volleyball Club and Equity Bank.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Omondi and Assistant Coach,  Bernard Oselu, Trailblazers got off to a flying start in the first set, building up a valuable lead and maintaining it until the end, eventually winning the set 25-22. Equity Bank, however, was not ready to give up that easily, and they fought back hard in the second set, leveling up the score by winning it 25-22.

Despite Equity Bank’s comeback in the second set, Trailblazers were able to regain their momentum in the next two sets, winning them 25-21 and 25-19 respectively.

With this victory, Trailblazers advanced to the semi-final stage, where they will face off against Prisons Kenya for a spot in the final. It will be a tough match, but with the confidence gained from their quarterfinal win, the  “BLAZERS” are sure to put up a good fight. This victory marks the second time in a month that the Trailblazers have beaten Equity Bank, a feat that shows just how strong and dominant the team has become in recent times.

Matches of the 2023 Paul Bitok International volleyball tournament have been streamed live from Day 1, courtesy of Trailblazers Volleyball Club. Fans of the team and volleyball enthusiasts are encouraged to support the channel by subscribing to it, commenting on the videos, and sharing all their social media posts. As a way of showing appreciation, the team is giving out replica jerseys in blue, orange, and green to top fans every week.

As we prepare to face Prisons Kenya in the semi-final, the team and their fans are filled with excitement and hope for another victory.