Story By: Blazers Media
Photo Credits: Blazers Media

28th December 2023 – ABSA sports clun, Nairobi

The 2nd High-Performance Coaching Seminar led by the esteemed Professor Godfrey Owese Okumu (FIVB Level III) at the ABSA Sports Club, Nairobi, commenced with a power-packed Day 1, illuminating crucial facets of volleyball coaching.

Trailblazers Volleyball Club made an impressive mark at the seminar with a strong contingent representing the club’s dedication to continuous improvement and coaching excellence. Head Coach Geoffrey Omondi, Assistant Coach Luke Opeto, and senior players – Julliard Mbappe, James Mutero (Team Captain), and Stanley Mutua (Assistant Captain) – embraced this opportunity not just as players but as future coaches, embodying a forward-thinking approach to leadership within the team.

The seminar’s Day 1 sessions were an invaluable experience. The participants were immersed in a wealth of knowledge, covering:

  1. Foundational Elements: Understanding the coach’s pivotal role, team formation dynamics, and the intricate movements fundamental to volleyball’s success on the court.
  2. Philosophical Insights and Emerging Trends: Exploring the philosophical underpinnings of volleyball and staying abreast of the latest trends in the sport, allowing for a broader perspective and adaptive strategies.
  3. Standards and Winning Strategies: Delving into the existing volleyball standards in Kenya and East/Central Africa, coupled with discussions on winning strategies, provides a roadmap for effective game planning.

As the seminar progresses into Day 2, the club’s commitment to empowering not just its coaches but also its senior players as future mentors and leaders within the team exemplifies a holistic approach to team development.

The presence of these influential figures from the club embodies a philosophy of growth and knowledge-sharing, underscoring the Trailblazers’ dedication to enhancing their coaching acumen and fostering a culture of excellence that will undoubtedly resonate throughout the team, paving the way for a brighter future in volleyball.