Story by: Blazers Media
Photo Credits: Blazers Media

Trailblazers Volleyball Club continues its commitment to promoting volleyball and nurturing young talent through an expansive outreach program. Following a successful visit to the French International School in Nairobi, the team recently extended their program to the German School, with remarkable success.

Upon arrival, the Trailblazers were warmly received and given a tour of the school’s impressive sports facilities, which include various courts and pitches catering to different sporting disciplines. The highlight of the visit was the session held in the school’s magnificent indoor court, primarily used for volleyball and other indoor sports.

Led by the proficient coaching team of Luke Opeto, Stanley Mutua, and Julliard Mbappe, the session was both engaging and educational for the students. The coaches conducted intensive training and skill-building exercises, offering valuable tips and insights to the aspiring volleyball players. The team’s dedication to fostering a love for the sport and honing the students’ skills was evident throughout the training session.

Supporting the coaches was Catherine Abillah, an Olympian who serves as both the Team Manager and Physiotherapist for the Trailblazers. Abillah’s dual role underscores the club’s holistic approach to player development, emphasizing not just skill but also physical well-being. The Media team, represented by Martin Kimwele and John Malenya, was also present to document the event and share the experience with a broader audience.

“The enthusiasm and potential we witnessed at the German School were truly inspiring,” said Luke Opeto, head coach of the Trailblazers. “Our goal is to keep the ball flying and introduce volleyball to as many young people as possible, encouraging them to pursue the sport both recreationally and competitively.”

Catherine Abillah added, “It’s rewarding to see the students’ excitement and eagerness to learn. These sessions are not just about training; they’re about building a community around volleyball and inspiring the next generation of players.”

The Trailblazers Volleyball Club looks forward to continuing its outreach efforts and partnering with more schools to bring the joy and discipline of volleyball to young athletes. Schools interested in hosting the Trailblazers for a session are encouraged to reach out and become part of this growing initiative.

With each visit, the Trailblazers aim to create lasting impressions and foster a deep-seated love for volleyball, ensuring that the sport thrives among Kenya’s youth. As they say, “Let’s keep the ball flying”

For further inquiries or to schedule a visit, please contact the Trailblazers Volleyball Club.