Story By: Blazers Media 

Photo Credits: Zedel Jr

Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi – 26th April 2023 

Last weekend, Trailblazers Volleyball Club put on an impressive display of athleticism during the 4th leg of the 2022/2023 KVF National League that took place at Nyayo National Stadium. The team played three matches in total, with two of them being handed walkovers after their opponents failed to show up. However, it was the match against Kenya Forest Service (KFS) on Friday that truly tested Trailblazers’ mettle.

The match against KFS was a tough one, with both teams showing great skill and determination throughout the game. Trailblazers started off strong, taking the first set 25-18. However, KFS mounted a serious comeback in the second set, which they won 26-24, leveling the set scores to 1-1. The third set was cagy, but Trailblazers managed to pull ahead and secure a 25-20 win. They then wrapped up the match by winning the fourth set 25-18, giving them a 3-1 victory and maximum vital points.

The win was a massive boost for the Trailblazers, who have been pushing for a top-four finish in the KVF National League. The team showed great teamwork and resilience, never giving up even when faced with tough challenges from KFS. The victory also showcased their depth, with different players stepping up at various points during the match to secure the win.

On Saturday and Sunday, Trailblazers were set to face Prisons Mombasa and Prisons Central, respectively. However, both teams failed to show up, giving Trailblazers walkovers of 3-0 (25-0, 25-0, 25-0) for each of the matches. While the walkovers were a disappointment for the team, they were able to capitalize on the situation and secure all nine points on offer.

Next up for Trailblazers is the semifinal of the Paul Bitok/KVF International Tournament, where they will face Prisons Kenya. The other semifinal will see KDF take on KPA. The team will be looking to build on their strong performance from last weekend and secure another victory to advance to the final.

As the team likes to say, “We are Blazers, and the fire will keep burning.”