Story By: Blazers Media
Photo Credits: Blazers Media

7th March, 2024 -Nairobi, Kenya

In a significant move, two prominent players from the Formerly Trailblazers Volleyball Club have successfully secured deals with the powerhouse Equity Bank Volleyball Club. The return of Middle Blocker Derick Apat to his former club and the acquisition of Opposite Player Nimrod Kamadi marks a new chapter in their respective careers, as they embark on a fresh challenge with one of the most formidable teams in the league.

Derick Apat’s return to Equity Bank Volleyball Club brings with it a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. With his expertise as a Middle Blocker, Apat’s presence is poised to bolster the team’s defensive line and provide valuable experience on the court.

Meanwhile, Nimrod Kamadi’s transition to Equity Bank Volleyball Club signals a significant milestone in his career journey. After years of dedicated service to the Blazers, Kamadi embarks on a new adventure with the bankers, bringing with him a wealth of skills and experience as an Opposite Player. His arrival is set to inject fresh energy and dynamism into the team’s offensive strategies, promising an exciting season ahead for Equity Bank Volleyball Club.

As these two talented players embrace their new roles with Equity Bank Volleyball Club, the Trailblazers community extends its heartfelt wishes for their success in this new endeavor. Their service, dedication, and loyalty to Trailblazers have left an indelible mark on the club’s history, and they will be fondly remembered for their contributions both on and off the court.

We commend Derick Apat and Nimrod Kamadi for their unwavering commitment to excellence and wish them nothing but the best as they embark on this new chapter with Equity Bank Volleyball Club.

May they continue to inspire and elevate the game of volleyball with their passion, skill, and sportsmanship.