Story By: Blazers Media
Photo Credits: Blazers Media

The recent visit by the Trailblazers Volleyball Team to the International French School of Nairobi proved to be a resounding success. Led by their Coaching staff and Players, accompanied by the Blazers Media team, the visit was aimed at engaging and training students who are studying sports at the institution.

During this visit,  The teams’ technical Director and FIVB Level III Coach Prof. Godfrey Owese, whose expertise spans the Philippines and Japan, along with Head Coach Geoffrey Omondi, Assistant Coach Luke Opeto, and Player Julliard Mbappe, took charge of conducting a fruitful training session. This session not only imparted volleyball skills but also fostered an interactive learning environment for the students.

The highlight of the day was a spirited friendly match that capped off the training session, allowing the students to apply the knowledge gained in a practical setting.

This initiative is a testament to the Blazers Volleyball Team’s commitment to sharing their expertise and spreading volleyball knowledge among aspiring sports enthusiasts. Such interactions serve as a stepping stone towards nurturing talent and promoting the sport within the wider community.